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How Does EZ Web Work?

EZ Web Updates works on top of
your existing website.

Being browser-based means that there is no program to install. There is also no need for computer expertise. It's so 'EZ' to use that we're convinced we can train anyone to use it with confidence.

Services Offered by EZ Web

We offer total support with
every purchase of EZ Web Updates.

We take care of the initial setup and installation. Once complete we begin your one-on-one personalized training, we also offer on-going assistance if you have further questions or concerns.

How can EZ Web Benefit You?

EZ Web Updates is an easy, affordable way to keep your website fresh and your customers informed.

Make changes to your website anywhere there is an internet connection. Search engines rank updated sites higher and viewers like to see new content.

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It Has Never Been 'EZ-er' to Update Your Own Website...

Welcome to EZ Web Updates, the simple answer to the question
'How can I update my website myself?'

In the past couple of years it has become more and more important for small business to have an internet presence or website to remain competitive in the global marketplace. In fact for many businesses their online marketing efforts have expanded to include Twitter Posts, Linked In Profiles, email newsletters and Facebook Fan Pages in addition to a company website. All these applications need to work together to send a combined or cohesive marketing message to your customers but often the website is the hardest to maintain and update. With EZ Web Updates, updating your website is almost as easy as posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Some other great reasons to Update your Website regularly:

  • Search engine algorithms are constantly updated to categorize and rank websites according to their importance and for years one of the factors included in ranking is the frequency of updates to the site. Google in particular will come back to index your site changes more often and list your site higher in the rankings with frequent updates.
  • Frequent updates results in more frequent visits from Google searchbots which means that new product listings are indexed faster leading to more traffic for those keywords.
  • Visitors to your website will come back to your site more often as a trusted resource if they know there will be something new to see.

It's time to take control of your website and make it WORK for YOU!

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